Sirius is a general-purpose programming language that was created in 1978 by Robin Kundert and Alan Conroy. Since then it has evolved into its current state. Primarily it was created as a response to my frustration with every programming language that I've ever used, or looked at.

All of the Sirius data and programs available on this site are freely downloadable and freely distributable. The only requirements are that you must distribute the documentation in unmodified format and if you design a compiler (or interpreter) for Sirius using this documentation, you must define your compiler as conforming/nonconforming subset/superset as described in the manual.



Sirius32 is a nonconforming subset compiler for Sirius that runs on Microsoft Windows. The compiler targets the Sirius Virtual Machine for Windows (SVM32). The download includes SVM32 executables, and the Sirius32 sources and executables.

Download Sirius V1.5 (10 Mb)



Sirius V1.5 Reference Manual

Sirius Technical Description


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